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​Our Mission

Helping Overpopulation of Pets End (HOPE), is here to educate the public about the problem and put an end to unwanted animals in Brevard County Florida. Too many animals are euthanized in the shelters in Brevard County. Brevard should strive to become a no-kill County, doing all it can to find homes for the animals in need.

We assist low income residents of Brevard County FL with low cost/no cost spay/neuter, TNR, and emergency vet care. We foster animals in order to help abandoned, homeless, and stray animals find permanent and loving homes.

We educate all people on proper pet care.

Our Focus: Our initial focus was to gather together a group of compassionate and passionate volunteers to help the animals of Brevard County. We wanted to focus on building a network to provide low-cost spay and neuters and vet care. The initial focus was accomplished in 2012 and the volunteers worked hard reaching out to the community to educate on spay and neuter. We also received our 501c3 status in 2012.

  • In 2012, our group pooled together volunteers with both cat and dog rescue experience. We have several volunteers with over 10 years experience dealing with animals in need. We have experience with disaster situations (Katrina), high-volume spay/neuter clinics and no-kill shelter processes.

  • In 2013, we were able to spay over 370 and place over 130 animals, and create our infrastructure - that is huge!

  • In 2014, we opened our Pawsitive Hope Thrift Store and we continued to help animals: 231 pulled from the County Shelters, 118 entered the foster network from the community, 237 animals were placed and 200 were spayed or neutered. HOPE, determined to help the worst off, took the most difficult and sick animals from the shelters so our medical expenses were significantly more in 2014.

  • In 2015, HOPE is proud to say we continued with our existing programs and things were running like a well oiled machine. This is due only because the volunteers and supporters are AWESOME! HOPE could not do these things without such a great support system. We helped almost 750 animals in our foster network, and of those - 500 were saved from the shelter. In addition we helped 950 animals in the community in some form (shots, spay/neuter, medical care).

  • In 2016, we brought 547 NEW animals into our foster network. In addition we have helped 351 animals in the community in some form (shots, spay/neuter, medical care). In total, we were able to save 570 animals!

  • In 2017, we had a total intake of 639 animals: 15 dogs, 624 cats. On average we have about 230 cats in our foster homes at a time.

  • In 2018, we had a total intake of 572 animals with 583 happy outcomes. 

  • In 2019, we in-took 621 cats and 6 dogs for a total intake of 627 animals. We had 619 happy outcomes

  • In 2020, we in-took 559 cats and 28 dogs for a total intake of 587 animals. We had 582 happy outcomes!

  • In 2021, we in-took 652 cats and 37 dogs for a total intake of 689 animals. We had 637 happy outcomes!

  • In 2022, we in-took 857 cats and 19 dogs for a total intake of 876 animals. We had 827 happy outcomes!

Visit our Adoption Center!

We are located at 1465 Cypress Ave, Melbourne, FL 32935
Open Saturdays from 10am-4pm

Visit our Thrift Store!

We are located in the Post Commons Shopping Center (corner of Post and Wickham Rd)
4100 N Wickham Rd Ste. 103 Melbourne
Call for hours: (321) 271-7909

All proceeds go to benefit the animals of Brevard through
Helping Overpopulation of Pets End (HOPE), an all-volunteer 501c3 charity.

We need donations, please Donate here.
We have great donations, please Shop here.
We can use help, please Volunteer here.


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Adoption Center


Valid all year!
$60 Spay/Neuter for Cats and Kittens!
To help fight feline overpopulation,
we are offering to spay/neuter your
cat/kitten for only $60. This includes bringing them UTD on vaccines as well!
*Are all of your animals fixed? Then sponsor a cat in need of being fixed!
Please call us at: 321-271-4041
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